Job survival

To start with what is a survival job?
A survival job is a temporary low paying job. A job seeker normally takes a survival job who is unemployed and is unable to pay his bills.
If a person is unemployed for a while , he is spending all his savings , and still there are few expenses . So now a person has to decide whether he wants a survival job or he wants to wait until he gets a proper job in his field.

Here are few advantages of a survival job
A person who is unemployed has to pay for basic expenses like food and shelter. A survival job can help him pay his necessary expenses.
People dream of living a life doing nothing. But in reality people have to work. Even by doing a survival job a person feels that he is doing his part.
Being unemployed can make a person lose confidence.
A person who is doing a survival job will get more respect as compared to a person who is searching for a job.
Sometimes a survival job can also give a new field of interest. Your survival job might turn into a high paying job.

Con's of a survival job
A survival job will not give you good money as compared to a regular job. A person has to undergo few changes in his lifestyle in order to survive.

Since the job has low yields a person can be forced to take multiple jobs in order to pay for his expenses.

Since a person is already engaged in a job he has limited chances of searching for a new job. Also his working hours are not flexible so giving interviews can also be difficult sometimes.

Survival jobs are only temporary. In most cases it doesn't have a future.