Where to buy a house this year

Buying a house is a big step! Beside you are giving a lot of money, you are choosing place for life, so it isn’t just some business investment. But, maybe you will want to sell your house one day. If you buy it in a city that prices of real estates are going down, you will lose money or be unable to sell! Every year different cities are the best places for buying a house. According to several experts, the best places for buying a real estate in 2015 are:

1. Austin, Texas. It has a population of 1.883.051 and it has growth of 9%. Every year demand for jobs is growing 3.6%. Unemployment rates are low, with 4%. If you buy a real estate here, you can expect a yearly price growth of 12%!
2. Provo, Utah is the second place where you should buy or rent a real estate. It has a population of 562.033 and population growth of 6.2% (from 2010-2013). Demand for jobs is growing 3% every year, and unemployment is 3%. The average price is $211.200 and yearly price growth is 6%.
3. Houston, Texas has a population 6.313.150 and 6% growth (2010-2013). Demands for jobs is growing 4% every year. Unemployment is 5%. Average home cost $210.000 and it is expected to have a yearly growth of 12%.
4. Orlando, Florida has a population of 2.267.846 and 6% population growth (2010-2013). Demand for jobs is growing 3.6% every year. Unemployment is 5.7%. The average home cost $187.568 and annual price growth is 9%.
5. Dallas, Texas has a population of 4.500.745 and population growth of 6% (2010-2013). Demands for jobs is growing 3.8% every year, unemployment stays at 5%. Average home cost is $197.159.