What is the purpose of a pre-offer house inspection?

Are you looking to buy a house? Maybe you already found one. However, it may be a good idea to have a pre-offer house inspection.


A pre-offer house inspection is absolutely essential before you get down to the paperwork to buy a house. Not every house will have defects that may surprise you later. Even newly built houses may have defects.


One of the biggest advantages of a pre-offer inspection is that you may discover issues, such as black mould in the basement. Black mould is poisonous when inhaled so issues like these may help you change your decisions. You might discover problems with the foundation, the insulation, the wiring, and a host of other problems. Besides, with an inspection report, you are armed with better information about our dream house. Information is power, and when it comes to negotiations, you may have an upper hand if you have the pre-offer hose inspection done. 


Once you’ve signed the contract and if you discover issues later that need a lot more investment, you may incur more costs than what you bargained for. You may find yourself in a position to spend more on repairs than you intended.


Save yourself from that hassle.


A pre-offer inspection is absolutely necessary for a house that you are ready to purchase. Make sure you find a reputable inspector to do the job for you. Ask for references and a person with a lot experience to help you. Remember to take quotes from at least three inspectors before you make a decision.