What Is Special About Safety Harbor in Tampa Bay, Florida?

Safety Harbor is a city on the west shore of Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, Florida. It is a wondrous and magical place referred to as the jewel of Tampa Bay. What makes Safety Harbor special from the other cities and towns in Tampa Bay and the entire state of Florida?

Healing Waters

The Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is built on the site of natural mineral springs believed to restore vitality and youth. The spa and resort uses the healing waters from the springs to help visitors achieve serenity.

Safety Harbor Marina

Safety Harbor has some of the most scenic ocean views thanks to the protected coastlines. The marina has a beautiful waterfront with boat docking facilities, a covered pavilion, and a long pier with benches to enjoy the beautiful bay waters, sunrises and sunsets. You can view manatees that swim into the bay. There are several events held throughout the year, the most famous being the Harbor Sounds Music Festival.

Rich Native American History

The community in and around Safety Harbor has deep historical roots; most recognizable are the Native Americans who first inhabited the harbor. You can find the history and archeology of the harbor at Safety Harbor Museum of Regional History. The museum is set on the site of a Tocobaga Indian shell mound, and you can take part in special workshops and exhibitions as well as summer camps offered throughout the year.

Philippe Park

Safety Harbor earned its name for being a place where Spanish ships could dock and wait out the storms. Odet Philippe was the first to introduce grapefruit to the new world. The park named after this settler has picnic pavilions, boat ramps, biking and walking trails, and some of the most beautiful scenery along the Tampa Bay coastline.

Best of all, you can join guided tours as you learn the history of the town, Tocobaga tribes, and the original buildings that still dot the town’s skyline.