The most isolated houses in the world

When you want to buy a house, you will either search for a house in the urban area or maybe in a more quiet and isolated place.

The question is, would you consider moving into the most isolated house in the world, where you would probably find peace, but nothing else ?

We will now show you the most isolated houses in the whole world.

1. Just Room Enough island, Canada - Set in the midst of Canada's Saint Lawrence river, you can find Just Room Enough island. It is very small, and so tiny you can only " put  " one house and nothing else.

When the tide is high, the water usually laps against the house's walls, but in another case where the tide is low, they can set up the garden furniture and enjoy the sun and the solitude. Doesn't seem too bad for the loners.

2. Hermitage of San Colomano, Italy - For most people Italy is some sort of cultural and architectural paradise, and many of us would give absolutely anything to live there.

But if you take a look at this house, you would have never wished that. It looks spooky somehow, even though if you drive right by the Hermitage of San Colombano you wouldn't think it is that much isolated.

If you come little bit closer, then you would realize that house's location sends you a different message, which means that the occupants don't want to be disturbed.

3. Stockholm, Sweden - Just few miles outside of Stockholm, rests an isolated 137 square meter island, where you can see a pretty modern house.

Even though secluded, this house has beautiful glass doors, and an outdoors sauna, which allows you to relax.