Real estate and property in Dubai

Dubai is the newest city and the most advanced in the world! A few decades ago, it was a small fishing port, without any buildings! After they discovered oil, it all changed. Today, Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. It is also the fastest growing city. This unique characteristics made Dubai on one of the best places to invest. Beside the ordinary business investment, many people are investing in real estates. Buying just one, small, property today, will increase its value up to 200% in just a few years. If you remember for the Jumeirah Palm Island, you should know that this is the best place for investing. Although, all properties are sold, many people bought 2-3 properties. So, you can always find a property for you. When the first properties were on the market, the prices were starting from $300.000, for ordinary houses. Today, average villas cost about $3.000.000! Depending of a location of your new home, this price can be only higher.

As a result of good economy and life, many people are coming to live in Dubai. This means more apartments are required, so many real estate agents are coming to work in Dubai. It is possible to rent an apartment, but many owners will require from you to stay in that apartment at least 6 months. Price of apartments varies, depending on a location. Prices are from $8000, for a single room apartment up to $500.000 for big and luxury apartments. If you want to buy an apartment, you must pay from $400.000 up to $3.000.000.