How to Deal With Water Logging

Water logging can be a startling problem that arises after you have moved into your new house. This problem is most common during the rainy season and can leave you helpless when you get out of your house.

Water logging in your house can be caused by many reasons like storm runoff or damaged drain sewers. Other than short-term effects like disturbing your daily routine, it can cause serious damage like weakening the entire foundation of your house. When the water combines with other garbage and wastes, it can also be very dangerous for your health. That’s why it is important to understand the risks and deal with these issues strategically.Once you know about the problem, it becomes easy to take the necessary steps to solve it. Following are some solutions to solve the water logging problem.

It might be impossible to stop the huge amount of water from entering your house during heavy rain or flood. However, it is possible to direct the flow of water and treat the water logging problem accordingly. Harvesting the rainwater is the most effective way to deal with the issue of rainwater entering your house.An ideal way of keeping your basement dry is installing the downspout extensions. This helps in altering the water flow from the roof as well as the basements to a much safer location such as a dry well or any other rainwater harvesting system. A dry well is an economical way of solving the water logging issue. Using downspout extensions standing water can be directed to the dry well which is commonly filled with stones or pebbles to make sure the water doesn't seep into your lawn.