Four wall colors you might regret next year

The paint job on a house wall can be expensive. This is why you should be careful about the colors you decide to use.  Keep in mind that some colors might work for a season but maybe not for the rest of the year.  The recommendation still remains within pastel colors. 

But maybe even these colors, there might be some that you will regret ever using.  Let's take a look now at four wall colors that might seem nice but that you will probably regret. 


Brown is not a color that resonates with house buyers.  It is a dark color that will make your wall look gloomy.  It might look good in the summer, but when the sunlight leaves and all you have is the closed skies of winter, you will regret having the room painted that color. A dark brown room is not really inviting. When it comes to buying a house, houses with such color on any of their wall seem to sell at a lower price.  


This color actually looks nice on floors depending on the tone. If you are planning on painting your wall in the same color of an inexpensive flower pot, maybe you want to think harder.  

Terracotta is too close to orange, which is by far, one of the least liked colors to paint walls in the world.  


Gray is usually a trendy color, but not all shades of gray.  A light gray can be a soothing tone. But a slate gray will drop your mood.  This tone of gray provides a gloomy appearance, that, in times of winter gray, will make your space look dark.


This is a tricky one because yellow is a kind of vivid color. This color was a preferred for kitchens. It lightened it up. Now it seems that people realize that during the bright summer, the color was too bright. Experts agree that buttery yellow can look very nice, but if it is too bright, it can even be anxiety-inducing.