Flooded and ruined properties in California may never rebuild

Flooding has been a major problem in California for years. The power goes down after a major storm, drinking water becomes contaminated, and boulders clutter the area from damaged buildings. There are some locations and structures that may never get rebuilt after damage, due to lack of funds. Parts of some towns get blocked off due to debris in the roads. Uprooted trees are scattered like fallen logs in a forest, torrents of mud and boulders are deposited throughout several neighborhoods.

Aggressive clean ups are required, which costs the city thousands of dollars. Sewer lines are damaged and ruptured; fire hydrants are sheared off and power lines downed. These dangerous environments lead to loss of jobs and homes. Visitors get blocked off, and tourism comes to a grinding halt. These clean ups offer a chance to reimagine parts of the town, rebuilding sections that were destroyed in floods. One option is to move telephone and electrical lines to underground conduits, and increasing self sufficiency by building a micro grid for solar power. Sheldon Yellen, CEO of disaster recovery, has said “Unfortunately, it takes a tragedy likes this to have an opportunity.”

However, there are many places that will not see such a revision. Either due to the tremendous volume of debris, mud, and structural damage, or lack of money to fund the rebuilds, there will be many places that don’t see any kind of opportunity for rebuilding. Months will go by before reconstruction in these areas will begin, and yet some places in California will remain destroyed.