Five Things in Your Kitchen You Are Using Wrong

You hold and pretty much use them every day if not at least once a week. Did you know that you're probably using most of your kitchen items wrong?

Here are five things in your kitchen that you're not using how they should be used and how you can fix that.

1.Spaghetti Spoon

Have you ever wondered why there are holes in the middle of a spaghetti spoon? It's not just for looks. Rather, it's there for you to measure pasta. One hole-full of dry pasta is equal to one serving.

2.Wooden Cutting Board

Did you know that you're not supposed to wet wooden cutting boards? Yes, they can get pretty roughed up after a day's use, but apparently washing them in water can warp them. So, instead of using water and wetting it, just use some lemon plus coarse salt and give it a good rubbing. The salt will take away most of the grime while the lemon will help disinfect the board. Now, all you need is just to wipe it clean with a cloth and voila, you're all good.

3.Slow Cookers

Most people have this weird habit of opening their slow cookers when cooking. To some extent, this applies to ovens too, albeit it is less common with them. If you do this, then stop. Your food will not cook as well because the slow cooker goes through a big temperature drop every time you take off its lid. It's always best to keep it closed and only open it once the cooking is done.


Liquids first, followed by smaller ingredients and then finally, the largest and/or toughest items. Do this, and your blender won't break as fast, and the resulting blend will be a whole lot smoother.

5.Refrigerator Shelves

Contrary to popular belief, milk and coffee creamers are best placed inside the fridge itself instead of in the doors. Why? This is because the temperature on the door is rather unstable as a result of opening and closing the refrigerator often.