Five Things a Realtor Wants You to do so Your House can be shown

Most home sellers think that selling a house is a simple process that the realtor will take care of, and that they just need to be there for signing the papers. In reality, realtors need a lot of help from your side if you want to sell your home as soon as possible and for the best possible price. So, here are five things a realtor wants you to do so that your house hits the market in the best possible light.

1. Decide on a realistic price

It is normal that you as a seller feel optimistic about the value and the final selling price of your house. However, remember that the buyers don’t share your optimism. The trick is in pricing your house so that it attracts buyers. What this actually means, is that you should decide on a price just below market value. For example, if your home is worth $150K, and the houses around it are worth maybe $10K more, your asking price should be $148K. Your realtor is the best person to give you this advice. Listen to him or her.


2. It Will Take Longer Than You Think

If you're selling a home, you need to be aware of the timeline, and this means, from the moment you decide to sell it until the moment it’s officially sold. You will just stress yourself unnecessarily if you have unrealistic expectations. Not all markets are same, and not all sell properties at the same speed. You need to talk with your agent and actually listen to him when he/she says that it will probably take longer than you imagined. Once you are on track with that, you can make an appropriate selling plan.

3. It has to Shine and Smell Good

Home sellers often think that it’s the little details that make the difference between selling fast and high, and selling slow and low. Yes, it matters if your carpets are clean or not, and yes, it matters if you don’t clean your bathroom and kitchen to perfection. The future owner of your house needs to see your house in the best possible light, and it needs to smell good and feel good.

You need to see your house through the potential buyer’s eyes, and be aware of the first impression. Your house needs to be “Showroom Impecable”, because a messy house leaves a bad first impression that's hard to overcome.

4. Market The Heck Out of The Property

This is why you need a good realtor who knows that strong marketing plan sells the house. Potential buyers will look on the internet first and look for great pictures and videos. Usually, realtors have their own photographers and drone operators to present your house.

If you have an agent that doesn’t have such a team, he will tell you to hire professionals and you should do that because nothing sells a house faster than a perfect combination of ground and aerial shots from all the best angles.

5. The Ugly Sofa Needs to Go

Again, your agent is the one that earns if you do, and he wants to present your house in tip-top shape. However, this can sometimes be complicated because homeowners tend to get sentimental about their house items. For an example, their favorite sofa might be a huge esthetic miss and a potential deal breaker. Perhaps you could remove it elsewhere until the house sells.

Don’t get sentimental and don’t take it personally. If your realtor tells you the sofa needs to go, it is in your best interest, and it really needs to go.