Desperate Greeks

Unfortunately the situation in Greece is getting worse every single day. Sadly the citizens of Greece cannot do much about it, because everything is in the hands of their country and European Union.
Even though Greece is one of the most popular countries when it comes to tourism, it seems like nothing can save them now.
People are so desperate that they are selling their apartments at such a low prices that it is actually really sad.

Some of them are even offering their citizenships just so they can leave Greece or sell their apartments as soon as they can.
The prices of real estates in Greece are currently really miserable. For example if you take a look at this fact, you will realize how things have changed: Few years ago Greeks had sold 26.000 flats per year, now they cannot sell more than 1.500.

For example in Thessaloniki you can find apartments that were built few years ago and they are still empty, because no one wanted to move in.
Even though most of them look amazing and are pretty affordable, Greeks simply cannot find interested customers for those flats.
To show you how desperate people are, we will tell you that one of the owners said that he would sell his flat without any interest and that potential buyers could pay in installments in the next ten years.

Few years ago owners could sell a flat for at least 100.000 euros, but today the situation is much different. If they got 50.000 or 55.000 euros they would be happy.