A Security Breach Costs A Home Buyer $10,000

For many new homeowners buying your first house is usually an exciting time but for 22-year old Kaitlyn DiMarco, the process of purchasing her first new home quickly turned into a disaster. As at now, the 22-year old stands to lose $10,000 as well as the possibility of being subjected to identity theft.  

Using the help of one of the biggest brokerages in the area, DiMarco bought her first home in Cambridge, Ont and due to the fact the she had hired the very best in the business, she was under the impression that she was safe, something that turned out to be wrong.

During their transaction there had been a security breach that involved the email account of the agent who was handling her transaction and has been causing headaches ever since.

“Now it’s like they’re scolding me for buying this house,” said the 22-year old.

Tina Goldrick, DiMarco’s agent, used a Gmail account when conducting business with DiMarco and that aside Gmail account was the one which was hacked by hackers and used to extort money from DiMarco. In the email, which was sent after the transaction had been completed, DiMarco was asked to send an additional $10,000 of which she complied and sent but it later turned out to b a fraud.

Despite playing a major role in the whole issue, the Real Estate brokerage firm has refused to compensate DiMarco.

Currently the 22-year old as well as her mom are worried that someone might use her account and steal her identity. The two also called out the agent as well as the brokerage firm for being “negligent” as they never used firewall to protect their servers.