3 Luxurious Homes That You Can Actually Stay In For The Night

When it comes to places where one can sleep, people who have the power to spend lots of money will not settle for anything less than luxurious spaces. That said I have compiled a list of 3 luxurious homes which you, as a wealthy individual, can actually stay in for the night the next time that you are travelling.

Renaissance Charm
Located at Gisborough Hall in Yorkshire this impeccable home is said to have been built back in 1856. The home once housed a famous Conservative MP. That said the hall ever since 2002 has been used as a hotel and it also boats of a mixture of both modern and traditional design. To add onto that it also has a minimalist design with contemporary rooms with a decanter which complements the whole design of the room.

Local Produce at Soulton Hall
Located in Shropshire, this home was built in the 14th century and it has become famous for two reasons. Firstly this house is known to one of the oldest stately homes which are still remaining in Britain. Secondly the ground of the house was and is still a working farm. That said visitors are usually offered the opportunity to try out the produce which have been sourced out from the firm.

Stapleford Park
Stapleford Park is located in Leicestershire. It was first transformed from a normal Melton Mowbray stately home which had lots of history with royal connections into a hotel by a business man from the U.S. The good thing is that the U.S. business did not allow the house to lose its well known design which made it famous.