Real Estate in Italy

Italy is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and definitely one of the most popular.

If you fell in love with this amazing country, and you wish to maybe buy a house in Italy, we will tell you approximately how much money you need for this pleasure.

During the recession in Italy, most Italians didn't want to accept lower market prices, so they had sold it only if they didn't have any other choice.

When it comes to rural areas, property there is the cheapest, which is the case in most countries.
If you wanna buy a luxurious property or any kind of large estate, you will definitely need several million euros, but if you are into more modest and smaller places, for example, two- bedroom apartment in a small town, you will need between 60,000 - 70,000 euros.

In Italy you can also find old houses where you need a complete restoration, and in that case you need approximately 40,000 euros.
If you've ever been to Tuscany you probably know that it is one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

So as one of the most popular regions in Italy, it is surely really expensive to buy home there.

The most expensive parts of Tuscany are Florence, Sienna and Volterra, but if you go little bit further, there are places such as Mugello and Lunigiana where houses are more affordable.

When it comes to cities in Italy, Rome, Milan and Venice are definitely the most expensive. Prices for the appartments usually go above 400,000 euros.

So if you decide to buy any property in Italy, maybe you should go for small towns, more that these large cities.