Met Service dispatches new climate data website

Meteorological Service Singapore says "One key highlight of the new site is an aide showcase of consistent view of surface wind, precipitation stickiness and temperature at diverse ranges over the island,"
SINGAPORE: The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Wednesday (May 20) dispatched a one-stop site for individuals from general society to get to "more extensive ongoing and past climate data of Singapore".

MSS said the site gives legitimate climate conjectures, notices and advisories of substantial downpour, smoke, fog and topographical perils, and long haul atmosphere insights of Singapore.
As per the office, the site additionally gives data on lightning that are identified over Singapore and individuals from people in general can get lightning alarms for preselected areas. Customary overhauls and advisories on smoke dimness, tropical typhoons, quakes, torrent and volcanic emissions influencing the locale will likewise be posted on the site.

Photography fans why should sharp contribute photographs they have taken of intriguing climate phenomena saw in Singapore can do as such by means of MSS' email. Chosen photographs will be included on the site, it said.