How to Deal with a Cheap Person

There are a few people who have money, but they do not want to spend anything. Such people always try to make other people spend for them. Even if you are goodhearted it does not mean that you to be the victim of someone’s manipulations. If the person has the money he or she should not hold back from spending; at least for themselves. If you are irritated with a cheapskate in your group, here is how you can deal with them.

The first thing you must find out is whether the person is actually miserly or does not really have the money. Some people have money, but they have other critical things to take care of. This is why they are not able to spend the money. However, such persons should maintain some personal integrity and let not others spend on their behalf. If the person is not really niggardly but has certain financial issues, you shouldn't mind spending on them once in a while.

If you have figured out that the person is actual stingy and schemes to make people pay for him, then you will need to confront them. You should do so not only because it will save you money, but it is also good for them. So every time your miserly friend tries to get the money out of you, just tell him or her politely that you are not willing to spend. By doing this regularly, you will get that person out of this habit.

However, if this also doesn't work and the person still pesters you to spend, it is better that you avoid keeping company with them.