Funds - are money sources, monetary assets, their creation and development, dispersion and redistribution, utilization, likewise prudent relations, which are molded by inter calculations between the practical subjects, development of money sources, cash flow and use".

"Funds are the arrangement of temperate relations, which are associated with firm creation, conveyance and utilization of budgetary assets".

"Money - it is the science about how the individuals lead spending `the shortfall trade assets and livelihoods in for spendable dough the unmistakable time of time. The monetary choices are portrayed by the costs and earnings which are one is isolated in time, and second one when in doubt, it is difficult to consider them in advance neither by the individuals who get choices nor some other individual". "Money related hypothesis comprises of quantities of the originations... which adapts deliberately the subjects of dispersion of the money assets moderately to the time variable; it additionally considers quantitative models, with the assistance of which the estimation, putting into practice and acknowledgment of the option variations of each budgetary choices happen".

These essential originations and quantitative models are utilized at each level of getting money related choices, yet in the most recent meaning of accounts, we meet with the accompanying convention of the budgetary establishment: principle capacity of the funds is in the fulfillment of the individuals' demands; the subjects of conservative exercises of any sort  are coordinated towards satisfying this fundamental capacity. The other, more various gathering demonstrates, that a practical classification of credit exists parallel to the efficient class of funds, by which it underlines inconceivable possibility of the credit's presence in the consistence of accounts.