Amil Dinsio Decamped With $30 Million In 1972 When He Looted The United California Bank

United California Bank in California found itself looted on March 24, 1972 when a group of seven robbers led by Amil Dinsio plundered the bank vault. The bank survived the robbery worth $100 million today with flying colors, and operates as Bank of the West now.

Dinsio was brought up in Youngstown, Ohio. His stint with crime began in the era of the 1960s. He was so skilled in the art that over a few years, he managed to get away with robbing hundreds of banks. He recruited his own family members into the biggest bank robbery of his lifetime.

His team included his brother, an expert in making explosives and other tools, his brother-in-law, an expert driver, along with his trusted nephews, Ronald and Harry Barber. The team also had Phil Christopher and Charles Broeckel. The last two did not have any special credentials except being petty thieves, but they found their way into the team as muscle-men.

Before disabling the alarm system of the bank, Amil and his team made a hole in the roof using an electric saw. They made a couple of  holes in the vault's ceiling and blew it up with the help of dynamites. At the end of the day, the bunch of crooks managed to make away with $12-30 million.

The book, Superthief, written by Rick Porello gives an account of the heist from the perspective  of one of the robbers, Phil Christopher. Superthief gives a vivid account of the details of the plotting, planning and execution of the robbery. Details of the time Christopher spent in jail following the robbery can also be found.