U.S. judge said that Yahoo should face the email-spying auction

A U.S. judge ordered that Yahoo Inc have to face class – action lawsuit all over the world and accused it of intercepting the content of the emails that are sent to the Yahoo Mail Subscriber illegally from the non-Yahoo mail accounts in order to boost the revenue from advertisement. 
This decision was taken on Tuesday night by the U.S. District Judge, Lucy Koh, and the people who have been receiving or sending mails since Oct 2, 2011 may also sue against Yahoo for violation of alleged privacy under the federal Stored Communications Act. Yahoo was accused of copying and analyzing their emails to create “targeted advertising” by making use of keywords and attachments. 
In 2014, Yahoo had generated 79 % of its revenue from its search and display advertising. A class action can be repairing its damages at a much lower cost. However, a Yahoo spokeswoman, didn’t comment anything on this litigation. Koh did not accept any argument by Yahoo even after knowing how the information was used and caused injury to the people.
She had earlier refused to certify a similar class action case against the Google Inc for all its Gmail and non –Gmail subscribers.  However, Koh said that Yahoo should adjust its scanning practices on individual basis. Therefore, plaintiffs are seeking uniform relief from a very common policy that is applied by Yahoo for all its class members. However, a well-known lawyer for the plaintiffs, Daniel Girard, declined to comment anything on this matter.