Starbucks Abandons Their Campaign Race Together One Week After Starting It

Remember that campaign that Starbucks started last week, “the race one?” well, it has been abandoned. The “Race Together” initiative that the company started saw its cups, which were served to customers, hand-written with the slogan “Race Together” hoping that it would be a conversation starter about the topic of race relations in the U.S.

The blowback to the campaign was so immediate to the point that the executive of Starbucks was forced to delete his account on twitter.

According to reports, the campaign started out by Starbucks was meant to, in the light of Ferguson as well as other race related incidence, improve equality, empathy, inclusiveness and diversity in the U.S. but it seems the marketplace hard ideas of its own.

Reuters explains that the “Race Together” campaign, “was met with skepticism on social media, with many complaining the company was overstepping it boundaries with a campaign on sensitive cultural topics that had no place in the coffee shop’s lines.”

he bottom line when it comes to customers who frequently visit Starbucks is that they want to have their coffee with nothing on them. That said a Starbucks spokesman was quick to point out that the campaign was not pulled back due to the pushback that they received from their customers who were not comfortable with the slogan of the campaign. “Nothing is changing. It’s all part of the cadence of the timeline we originally planned.”

According to the spokesman, this aspect of the “Race Together” campaign, “which was always just the catalyst for a much broader and longer term conversation” was initially planned to last for a week but other activities which are race related are bound to continue throughout the year.