Robots to Perform Search and Rescue Operations in Upcoming Years

The robots have been doing wonders for humans since many years. Since their invention, robots are taking over the hazardous jobs in factories, research and mine so that humans can be safe in the control cabins. The technology is taking over all difficult tasks in day-to-day life too. The DARPA Robotics Challenge based in California show cased next level of robotic evolution.

DRC-Hubo, a human looking robot attracted the attention of all the viewers. He proved to be a winner among other 23 robots in the competition. The obstacle course race also contained life-saving applications and people were definitely overwhelmed by watching these robots doing wonders.  California hosted the famous DARPA challenge this year, which presented opportunity to technology enthusiasts, researchers and engineers to win prizes worth $3 million. The theme was very clear in the minds of participants, to design machines to perform search and rescue operations. Many emergency situations last year highlighted importance of robots in the scenario.

The parts of Malaysian Airlines were hunted down by many underwater robots. This competition will encourage the research and development in the similar domain. Don’t be surprised if you hear about a robot searching and saving people in the emergency. The robots capable of doing heavy tasks like removing debris and fighting fire were also presented. The inception of competition lies in nuclear disaster at Fukushima plant in Japan. The rescue teams had hard time in controlling the radiation.  There are some robots in Brooklyn Academy of Music where they perform ballet dance together.