Paul Taubman is highest paid executive on Wall Street

We all want a bigger house, a better car and more vacations, but how many of us can actually afford these? Most of the salaries on Wall Street are truly incredible, but Paul Taubman’s salary would make anyone jealous. Paul is the highest paid executive on Wall Street, and he managed to gather an incredible fortune in a short amount of time.

Paul has a talent for transactions, and he knows exactly when to sell and when to buy. Some people say that this is talent, while others believe that it takes years of study and dedication to reach this level. No matter what you think, one thing is clear:  Paul deserves every penny of what he gets.

Paul is only 55 and he worked for Morgan Stanley for more than thirty years, so he had plenty of time to develop his skills. He started by doing small transactions with companies who did not have any chance on the market, but he soon realized that he could become in billionaire. One of his biggest successes was the transaction that created AOL Time Warner in 2000. How much is the deal worth? A little over $184 billion, so we can only imagine how much Paul was paid for this transaction.

In 2013, he founded PJT, a company that managed financial transactions between some of the biggest companies in the world. Since people already knew how good he was at business, they did not have any problem trusting Paul with their money. And they made the right choice! He has an impressive portfolio of clients and a yearly salary that many of us can’t even imagine.