NASA Asks For More Funding

The NASA is demanding more funding from the United States government to end its dependency on the Russia to reach the International Space Station. More $300 million funding was approved by senate committee to NASA so that it can complete its ambitious program. World’s biggest space agency aims to replace the traditional space shuttle for a trip to space.  All cold war era technology will be replaced by smart twenty-first century options. The commercial crew program of NASA will now have total funding of $1.2 billion in the next financial year.
Previously the government had sanctioned around $900 million for the program. Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat from Maryland played crucial role in the proposal submitted to the Senate Appropriations Committee, which had members of major parties in the United States.  The Republican Party maintained its traditional position of less funding to the state agencies and more room to play for the private sector. The democratic politicians tried to give maximum funding to the Justice, Commerce departments and various science agencies.
The total amount of funding was around $51 billion. The bill doesn’t reflect the right priories of the nation and its interest said Richard Shelby, Republican senator from Alabama. He is also the chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee which supported the commercial crew program.  The NASA was planning to conduct private space flight to international space station around 2017 but the mission might be delayed due to various reasons now.  The agency has already requested both houses of the legislature to grant the funding of $1.24 billion.