Mark Zuckerberg Is Willing To Expand To Cuba

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that he believes that Cuba “definitely fits their mission” and he is open in expanding Facebook to Cuba. Zuckerberg made this comments during an ongoing CEO summit which is currently being held in Panama City. That said it’s good to note that there are plans yet which have been made by the company so as to enter Cuba. During the event Zuckerberg dedicated his speech on Facebook’s plan of ensuring that they bring to Panama hopefully in the next coming weeks. His comments on Cuba came about when he was asked about his opinion with regards to the U.S. opening relations with other small island nation.

Zuckerberg believes that Facebook’s mission is to ensure that everyone in the world are brought closer to one another and provide them with an easier way of communicating and keeping in touch with one another despite of whether they live. Their goal has been hindered by the fact that some countries limit internet access while others don’t have access to internet on a wider scale and many believe that they will face similar challenges when they enter Cuba.
According to Fusion Cuba’s internet coverage is very deplorable.

“Only 16 percent of Cubans currently have access to the Internet, and only 40 percent of those say they use social media… However, more than 90 percent of Cubans who use social media prefer Facebook to other social platforms. The poll also found that 61 percent of Cubans have cellphones, though they’re not 3G. Still, cellphone coverage means Cuba’s great technological leap to Internet coverage is doable”.