When it comes to getting yourself a job in LinkedIn there are few things that you need to know. For instance, Linked has over 332 million users worldwide with 107 million users coming from the US. That said the a tiny fraction of that number can actually help you with your job hunting, therefore there is a need for you to find the right people as well as get found by the right people. In this article, I will share with you tips on how to use LinkedIn to get your next job.
1. Make your Profile Work Harder
Making your profile work harder or work for you is simple you just have to ensure that your profile is professionally crafted and it is complete. This you can be able to achieve by uploading your picture on your profile (make sure that the picture is of good quality and professional), writing up a perfect job title a.k.a headline (Don’t feel obligated to use your literal title is it’s not good), writing a good summary (this is the make or break point for your profile) which clearly highlights your skills.
2. Stay Active (Not Too Active Though)
Always see to it that you maintain a visible presence in LinkedIn that said you should see to it that you are judicious on how active you are especially if you are currently employed. The best way to go about it is to start slow, use visuals and ensure that when you add contacts you don’t add them in large numbers.
3. Research
Research is important in LinkedIn always ensure that you conduct even if you can’t seem to find a job that matches the exact criteria that you have entered.