Commonly known as GM, General Motors is counted among the top five American multinational corporations. The head quarter is situated in Detroit, Michigan. The company deals in various sectors like designing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of vehicles and vehicle parts and selling the financial services.

GM produces vehicles in thirty-seven countries under 13 brands like Cadillac, Holden, Opel, Jie Fang, and GMC which are few among the thirteen brands. It has a twenty percent stake in IMM and an amazing stake of seventy-seven percent in GM Korea. It operates through various names it has through various partnerships it has sealed in various countries. For example, it is known as General Motors India in India, Shanghai GM in China, GM-AvtoVAZ in Russia etc. it has its branches in one thousand and two hundred countries and a employs approximately two hundred and twelve thousand people and indulges in business in one hundred and twenty companies. It is divided in to five sections, GM North America, Opel Group, GM International Operations, GM South America and GM Financial.

The company led the global vehicle sales for an unprecedented seventy-seven years consecutively from 1931 till 2007 which is commendable because no other automaker has been able to do it and now currently GM is considered among the world’s largest automakers by considering its vehicle unit sales. Outside USA, it operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries but China is an exception because only there it operates through ten joint ventures. Now GM is not a government backed company.