China as arms exporter

China is country with the fastest economic growth in the world. In just one decade, they drastically improved their products. You can buy almost anything you imagine, made in China. Well, after conquering the car market, arms market next. According to the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) China is 3rd biggest arms exporter in the world! In 2010-2014 period, China overtook France, Germany and UK in the arms exporting business.

Currently, China has a share of global exports of 5%. Above are Russia with 27% and the US with 31%. Maybe 5% doesn’t look too much, but Italy and Ukraine have share of arms export 3%. Apparently, China is exporting more than 2/3rd of those 5% to Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan! Besides them, major arms are exported to Africa. 18 nations from this continent are regular clients, and will be in next 5 years. China got an astonishing result in last 5 years. Their arms export rose by 143%! On the other side, France dropped their arms export by 27% and Germany even more, by 43%.

Although, Chinas progress in arms exporting is astonishing, they cannot reach Russia and US. In the last 5 years US rose their arms export by 23% and Russian even more, by 37%! Maybe at the moment China is below them, but if they continue this huge growth of more than 140% for every 5 years, they will be at the top of the list! The only suspicion I have is the quality of those weapons! As you probably know, China's products have reliability problems. If that problem is present among weapons, that would have extremely negative effect on the arms export!